The Sugar Processing Factory in Crvenka was founded in 1911 by an English-Hungarian joint-stock company which named it Fabriksleitung der Cervenkaer Zuckerfabrik, der Anglo-Ungarischen Zuckerindustrie A.C.

The stockholders had chosen Crvenka as the place for the construction of the Factory on insistence of doctor Ladislav Lelbach, a landowner from Crvenka and MP in the Hungarian Parliament. The Factory owners made engineer Manenberg its first general manager and engineer Hamerschmit its engineering manager.

After the Second World War, the Sugar Factory "Crvenka" became a state- owned company and it was placed under receivership.
In 1950 the managing had been given to the workers who were making important decisions through their unions.

In 1991 the Factory was registered as joint-stock company (D.D.) in mixed ownership and in 1994 it was registered as D.D. in private ownership. Its "owners" are for now its employees and a number of pensioners.

The Global Development Of the Sugar Factory "Crvenka"

1. The sugar factory and refinery, the year of construction 1912-13.

2. The denaturated alcohol factory and refinery, the year of construction 1923, 1969-71.

3. The electric power station, the year of construction 1913, 1929, 1965.

4. The packaging factory, l929.

5. The canteen-restaurant, cinema, library, 1927,1996-97.

6. The office for the selection of seeds, 1946.

7. The farm, bakery, butcher's and shops, 1946.

8. The fish pond, 1996-97.

9. Reconstruction of the station cleaning juice, 2002.

10. Gasification of the power plant, 2003.

11. Reconstruction of the refinery, 2004.

12. Installation of the BMA 1750, 2004.

13. Installation of the "VKT"-BMA, 2005.

14. Automatic sugar cooking, 2007.

15. Addressing wastewater, 2007.

16. Energy saving, 2010.





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Old factory gate

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Old greeting card of Crvenka

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Old photo of the Factory

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What the Factory looked like

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Photo from 1997.

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